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MicDrop Story

At The MicDrop Agency, we believe in the power of meaningful transformation. We’ve witnessed countless startups and emerging brands grappling with the limitations of traditional public relations and marketing strategies. Too often, these approaches fall short of delivering the real, quantifiable outcomes that are crucial for driving growth in the dynamic business landscape. This realization became the catalyst for our journey.

Founded in 2021 by Katie Zeppieri, a 2x TEDx speaker and serial entrepreneur with over eleven years of experience, The MicDrop Agency was born from a clear observation. We recognized the limitations that conventional public relations and marketing approaches imposed on startups and up-and-coming businesses.

Welcome to the MicDrop Agency

In the PR landscape, we noticed a reliance on outdated metrics like impressions, which failed to provide meaningful insights or drive tangible growth. Simultaneously, the prevalent marketing strategy of monumental, high-budget campaigns proved impractical for resource-sensitive startups.

The MicDrop Agency stands as the solution to these challenges. We’ve crafted a new paradigm where tailored, comprehensive solutions take precedence over shallow metrics. Our core principle is simple yet powerful: to deliver results that truly matter – increased traffic and measurable sales – by catering to the distinctive needs of each client.

At the heart of our agency lies an entrepreneurial ethos. This stems from Katie Zeppieri’s deep-rooted understanding of the demands and intricacies of startup ventures. We approach each project with a nimble and scrappy mindset, ensuring that our strategies are pragmatic, effective, and efficient.

The essence of The MicDrop Agency is innovation with substance. Our strategies aren’t just fleeting trends; they’re a blend of creative finesse and strategic prowess, meticulously designed to provide sustainable growth.

Our commitment to redefining the norms of marketing and PR is resolute. We invite you to be a part of this journey, where authenticity, innovation, and measurable impact converge. Together, let’s transcend conventions and pave the way for a new era in marketing and PR.

Welcome to The MicDrop Agency – where results speak louder than words.

Who we are

Founder, CEO
Katie Zeppieri
With over a decade of experience in the industry, Katie is a true expert in her field, possessing a wealth of knowledge and an unwavering commitment to excellence.
Publicity Manager
Alexa Paulos
Alexa was employee #1 at The MicDrop Agency starting as a part-time coordinator and has grown to become the Publicity Manager. She excels in helping clients prepare for conferences and in coordinating events, ensuring every detail is meticulously managed. Additionally, Alexa crafts innovative speaking and award applications and acts as a podcast producer for a leading industry podcast, enhancing MicDrop clients' visibility and influence.
Digital Communication Specialist
Alyssa Martin
As the Digital Communications Specialist at The MicDrop Agency, Alyssa is your "content machine". She creates engaging content strategies and website copy as well as click-worthy social media posts, blog posts, case studies and email newsletters that help generate new leads for MicDrop clients.
Account Manager
Girish Jaggi
Girish takes great pride in leading the Public Relations department where his expertise lies in providing strategic counsel and effectively managing the external communications for the myriad of brands served by The MicDrop Agency. With a keen eye for emerging trends in PR and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, he ensures that clients' messages resonate with their target audiences and make a lasting impact.
Event Manager
Vivian Joseph
As an Event Manager at The MicDrop Agency, Vivian is renowned for her exceptional talent in fostering genuine connections with people and forging meaningful brand relationships. With a knack for creating impactful brand experiences, she also possesses the expertise to flawlessly set up and manage trade show booths, elevating brand presence to new heights.